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Our facilities are located East of Fort Saint John in Northeastern British Columbia, minutes from down town, near the local airport. The track started in 1998 and was originally to run 1/8 mile. We are a Volunteer based non-profit organization with approx. $500,000 in donated money and labor. The track is leased from the North Peace Airport Services and the Control Tower was donated from BC Highways ( it was the old weight scales building at mile 54)
Thanks to all the executives that do so much each week to make this all possible. Thanks to all the Volunteers!

Track length – 1/4 mile 1320 ft. Shut down length – 2073 feet.
Our track record holder is Dale Pederson- 6.494 sec @ 226.43 mph June 15,2014

Map – From Fort Saint John, B.C.

Track rules and regulations

This facility is sanctioned by the International Hot Rod Association and follows the rules outlined in the IHRA Rulebook. In addition, the following specific rules apply to our track:

* Drivers of motor vehicles other than junior dragsters must hold a valid driver’s license. Motorized pit vehicles may not be operated by anyone under the age of 14. Pit vehicles may not be operated later than midnight in any case. No children’s bikes or toys in the pit area until the tree is down.* Socializing after 1:00 AM should be indoors or at the main fire pit area
* Access to staging/track area restricted to foot traffic after tree is down
* No campfires in pit area other than in the designated main fire pit
* Refrain from bringing glass containers into the facility
* Pit lanes shall be kept open for driving. Cars should be pitted off of paved surfaces
* No burnouts or spinning in pit, return road or staging areas
* Windows must be rolled up during competition
* Gentleman staging always in effect
* Lane choice is usually marked on the ladder. If not, it is decided by a coin toss
* No alcohol consumption allowed on the facility during times when tree is up, or before tree is up (mornings)
* Illegal drugs not allowed on facility
* Pets allowed in all areas but staging, and must be kept on a leash
* Pit maximum speed is 10 mph
* Entry fees refunded if no runs were made. Tripping lights at staging constitutes a run.
* Passengers not allowed during eliminations. Passengers during time trials must have and use all appropriate safety gear
* Dial ins to be displayed in the left hand window as well as the right hand front windshield in white marker only
* Return on pit lane on tower side of track. Left hand lane always has the right of way at top end of the track
* Come to a complete stop to pick up timing slip
* If you wish to deep stage, you must display this on your windshield
* All concerns directed to race captain or designate. Do not go to the tower at any time
* No loud vehicles may be started prior to 9:30 AM or after 9:00 PM due to noise bylaw (will be strictly enforced by race officials)
* Only one pit vehicle per car allowed in staging area.


Pure Street Rules

* DOT helmets required

* DOT rated street tires only

* Must pass track tech

* Must be insured and registered

* Must have full exhaust and mufflers

* No electronics allowed; ie transbrake, crossover, delay

* Nitrous, turbos, super chargers, chips allowed

* Line lock allowed

* No faster than 11.50 seconds

* Minimum of 8 cars required to run a ladder

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