NLRW 2014 IHRA Track of the Year !

We are proud to show off our hardware that we worked so hard for last year. This is tribute to all our hardworking volunteers, because with out them the Northern Lights Raceway and Drag Racing in Fort St. John would not be possible. Congratulations to everyone who helped out.

Track of the Year 2014

Work Bee May 9,2015

Please come out and attend the work bee May 9th, 2015. Any and all help will be appreciated, so tell your friends they are coming along!

FSJDRA September 2012

List includes:
1) 30-40boards 2x8x12, Screws, screw gun, Skill Saw, Tape Measure, Paint
2) 4 Flags – changed/ordered
3) Lines on Track – Paint and painted
4) Weed Control
5) Signs – updated or replaced
6) Latrine Duty – Serviced and cleaned
7) Lawns Mowed – Weed whackers and mowers
8) Fencing – By the Tech Booth fixed
9) Cleaning – Wood and Fire Pit area

Help out so we can get a good launch to the new race year!